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Neither have most people in the world who did not grow up in the among the Khoisan tribe of South Africa! The Khoisan, who use Kanna in folk medicine, introduced the mood clevating plant Sceletium Tortuosum (Kanna) to the western world.

What Can KANNECT Do For YOU?

How does the nano infusion extraction process work? 

We use machinery that optimizes the extraction process allowing more of the alkaloids to be released. Then we go through several steps to get rid of elements that we don’t want so that the purity of the alkaloids increases.

What are mesembrine or mesembrenone alkaloids?

One can get very scientific and boring here but it is important to know that there are alkaloids in many plant materials such as opium poppies, tobacco, kava, etc. They are all involved in some way in giving unique effects, but they differ from each other as a function of the specific species. Sceletium has 11 known alkaloids, and these 2 mentioned are the most prominent. We sell a total alkaloids extract so that you have the effect of all of them, albeit that some are in very small volumes.