Relieve Stress

When the Khokosian tribe would go on long hunts, the thirst and hunger they experienced was relieved using Kanna. They would chew it to release the alkaloids. This would help them fight through the adversity in order to continue the hunt. KANNECT Kanna can do the same for you, even if the stress is just finding your way home from work through rush hour traffic!

Elevate Mood

Sceletium tortuosum contains mesembrine and the related alkaloids mesembranol and mesembranone. Mesembrine is known for its effects on the central nervous system. The compounds may also act as serotonin-uptake inhibitors, and in specified doses possibly act as anti-depressants, minor tranquilizers and anxiolytics used in the treatment of mild to moderate depression.

Sleep Better

Kanna is a great option for those looking for something that can help them wind down from a stressful day, and get a better night’s sleep. Stress can affect our ability to fall and stay asleep. Some people reach for a glass of wine to help them decompress, but alcohol can be damaging to our body. Kannect Kanna is a natural alternative for you to get the rest you need to wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day with high energy in the morning and afternoon.